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3 Reasons for a Mahabalipuram Beach Resorts getaway

Your weekends and vacations are approaching! Yaay! Now you need to find a good spot to spend the time. You already have the beach in your mind. But your parents or spouse are looking for other reasons. But you’re a thalassophile and it’s set in your mind to smell the salty air while the seagulls flock in the distance cawing for their fish. You need an excuse and we are here to provide not one but three along with those luxury beach resorts in ECR. Three? Usually it’s five right? Wrong, we believe these three reasons are enough to pull you across!

Getting back to Nature

The beach house in ECR for rent sits along one of the finest stretches of sand that you would always want to sleep there gazing the stars and unwinding yourself. The waters of the ocean expanding across the horizon are actually calming you. This is called as “Blue Space Effect” by psychologists.

Fresh Air

To the skeptical minds, salty air is better than the polluted ones. The cool breeze waking you up after the awesome sleep at our Mahabalipuram beach resorts is gonna be the one thing that you would always cherish and wish for more.


We mean it. You can experience culture at it’s best in the luxury beach resorts of Mahablipuram. With some of the best Pallava architectures adorning the sealine, this is one of a kind in the world. Ancient Indian culture is cut deep into the rocks and is there waiting for you to experience the finest. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, beach clothes and sandals. The ocean liners are there to declutter you from the cluttered corporate world and take you to unprecedented levels of “Nirvana”.

Room Facilities

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Room Facilities

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